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LG Display gets its first “Perfect Black” check on its 42-inch to 97-inch OLED panels.


One of the major drawbacks of most screens is the loss of sharpness. image when we are in dark environment with lots of outside lightsomething that fully affects the colors and, especially, the black color, and if not to tell the audience about some episodes of the Game of Thrones. LGDisplay comes with a new check that provides “perfect black”.

Well, LG Display, the second most powerful manufacturer in the world screens LCD, behind Samsung Electronics, recently received “Perfect Black” verification for all OLED panels from 42″ to 97″. from the world leader in security, UL Solutions.

This company evaluated the screens (monitors and TVs) of the brand in an environment with bright illumination of 500 lux, which we can perfectly experience in such an environment as a well-lit room. As a result, LG Display OLED panels were shown to achieve black levels of 0.15 nits (0.24 nits is the standard).

LG Display explains that it was possible “With self-emitting pixels that can be controlled individually, LG Display OLED panels minimize light leakage and ambient light reflections by turning off pixels for perfect blacks and infinite contrast.”


LG Perfect Black OLED TV

What is the “perfect black” LG OLED?

OLED technology we found it on some other tv higher end. These are very high-quality screens, which, in fact, have become the standard in mobile phones.

These screens have pixels which are illuminated separately, giving this type of screen its unique color, contrast and brightness characteristics. Since the pixels themselves produce light and not a filter, they are able to turn completely black when turned off (you can get a perfect black color).



Consumer OLED models also use what is known as OLED WRGB, meaning it uses a white OLED panel that allows white light to pass through and it is filtered to get RGB colors, pixel by pixel.

The main plus is of course a very natural and colorful image. gives a great cinematic feel. This is especially noticeable when watching TV in a dark room, as well as when using Television as a monitor and LG Display managed to hit the nail on the head.

Hopefully LG Display will add a “Perfect Black” checkmark to all of its 42-inch and larger OLED TVs. Soon.

Source: Computer Hoy

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