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5 cheap phones that are not Xiaomi and that we have tested with outstanding results


There are many things to consider when buying a mobile phone, although obviously one of them is the price, one of the most important. However, there are now cheap or relatively cheap mobile phones with very good features.

Since we test dozens of mobile phones every year, we can recommend some that are sure to be successful, depending of course on your budget and what you value in a phone.

For less than 500 euros, or even much less, you can get a first-class mobile phone.with mid-range Snapdragon or Mediatek processors and screens that have taken a big quantum leap in recent years with 90Hz and 120Hz panels.

In addition, the catalog of applications and games is becoming more and more extensive, so it is more and more important to have a device with a good processor that can handle everything.

These are the five models that we have chosen as the best of those that we have been able to test in recent times.

  1. realme gt 2
  2. realme 9i
  3. Motorola G31
  4. Honor 50 5G
  5. TKL 30+

realme gt 2

realme gt 2 review

Alex oh

realme gt 2

Going further, this Realme GT 2 is not exactly a cheap mobile, but it can be said that it costs less than 500 euros and offers a reasonable price, especially if we look at what it offers.

For example, it has a Snapdragon 888 processor with a 120Hz screen, so even for games it’s an idea, as we could see in its analysis.

This is a high-end with all the laws, which can hardly be envied by other models that cost a few hundred euros more.

It adds some premium features like 65W fast charging, which is enough to fill its 5000mAh capacity in half an hour.

realme 9i

realme 9i review


realme 9i

The second one chosen is another Realme mobile, another Asian brand of Chinese origin, which has put Xiaomi in a lot of trouble with its own weapons: cheap and powerful mobiles.

The Realme 9i is an entry-level device under €200 but with everything you need and more: a Full HD+ 90Hz screen, NFC for mobile payments and fast charging, among other things.

In addition, the design is nothing like what you would expect from a cheap mobile phone, and to top it all off, it has a more than decent camera.

Motorola G31


Motorola G31

Motorola is one of the oldest brands in the sector and is still alive and kicking with its mobile phones aimed at all segments. The Moto G31 is one of the most affordable for less than 200 euros.

We have thoroughly tested it and its features make it a good option, especially if you are looking for a simple software without a lot of services and apps pre-installed by the manufacturer. Simplicity and fluidity above all else.

Battery life and the screen are two of its key features, although overall it’s fairly balanced, without too much pomp, but with everything you could ask for from a mobile phone like this.

Honor 50 5G

Honor 50 5G, analysis and opinion


Honor 50 5G

Honor’s return to the big market, having already overcome the problems with Google, is very good news. Unlike Huawei, their phones come with all Google services, so you can’t really blame them.

Not only that, the Chinese brand has made a serious commitment in 2022, and the proof of this is the price of Honor 50, only 349 euros in the official store, and that it has better specifications.

In the analysis, we were pleasantly surprised on all levels, in particular with its original and striking design, the quality of the screen and how well it uses its battery, so more cannot be expected from it.

TKL 30+

Manuel N.

TKL 30+

Another really inexpensive mobile phone, the TCL 30+, which we also tested, surprises with its screen and sound quality, surpassing most devices in its price segment.

TCL is slowly opening up a niche not only in the phone market, but also in the TV market, where quite a few very competitive models are sold.

This TCL 30+ is one of the most attractive cheap mobiles we have been able to test, compared to other Xiaomi and Realme devices.

Source: Computer Hoy

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