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Everything you need to know to buy a pellet stove


When winter comes and the temperature drops significantly, this is the moment when we start spending on heating, which costs more every day, especially if we have natural gas or propane. A good option would be to consider a pellet stove.

This type of heating is ideal for trying to reduce this cost by choosing the type cheaper fuel.

With this system we will have heating through environmentally friendly and cheap fuel than the regular media that every home has.

But It is normal that at first everything related to pellet stoves is in doubt.especially due to their wide variety on the market, which makes it much more difficult to choose between one or the other.

So today we’ll try get rid of all the doubts you have about this type of heating, so if you are going to buy any of these stoves, you do so with enough information to be able to choose the best one for you.

Which pellet stove to buy?

We must clearly understand that heating the whole house is not the same as heating a separate room or any other type of room.

So the first thing we need to know is why do we need this heating system D where are we going to use it.

Once this is clear, we can consider the following types:

  • Forced Air: This first type we are talking about is the most common of all. It has a coverage area of ​​up to 100 m2 thanks to a fan that is responsible for distributing heat throughout the space. The fan and flame power intensity can be programmed and adjusted.
  • Reduced background: These types are exactly the same as those with forced ventilation, with the difference that they are prepared for placement in very narrow places, which leads to a slight loss of thermal coverage, but no exaggeration.
  • Waterproof: What this type of oven does is that it draws in air from outside through a pipe, preventing indoor air from being consumed. They are perfect for the bedroom.
  • Channel: These are those that are prepared to ensure that the heat is distributed over several rooms. It has a powerful turbine that is able to distribute hot air between all rooms.
  • Thermo ovens: This is a type that replaces conventional boilers and can be used for radiator circuits or floor heating systems. But how else, they are also able to heat water in the home.
  • On the street: Obviously, we are talking about stoves that can be placed outside the houses so that they can provide heat, for example, on the terrace. They withstand the elements, but only to a certain extent.

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Pellet stove installation

Something that we need to have very clear for the installation is that it is usually the furnace pellets they need smoke outlet follow the rule set Regulation of thermal installations of buildings. You will use this outlet to release the flue gases.

The gas outlet is usually located at the rear. ovens and it’s ok to use Tube diameter 80 mm Made of stainless steel or, in some cases, enamelled steel.

In addition, we must also take into account that the room where we put the stove should well ventilated so that there are no problems.

From there, it remains only to connect it to the nearest outlet. This may allow us features such as scheduled on and off automatic, for example.

As usual, maintenance is necessary to ensure that the pellet stove lasts as long as possible and runs at full capacity. we must forget about clean up the ashes dailyin addition to cleaning all air ducts at least once during the winter season.

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Details to choose the best one for us

There are certain details that we must take into account so that in this way we can find the pellet stove that best suits our needs and of course our budget.

Let’s see what they are:

  • Strength: As a general rule, the power that we need to have must be directly related to the space where we are going to place the furnace. The calculation that is usually made is to have 1 or 1.5 kW for every 10 square meters.
  • Performance: The performance that the stove gives us must be high so that we can take full advantage of the pellets and all the heat that can be obtained with them. Best of all, we’re talking about 90-95% performance.
  • Autonomy: In this sense, we must also analyze the operating time of the furnace without reloading the pellets. This setting will vary depending on the type of use we are going to give it, the efficiency of the device as well as its power.
  • Ability: As we said in the previous paragraph, the power of the furnace will also be a determining factor when choosing one or another option.
  • Added: yes, it is true that some ovens will give us certain extras that can be very valuable when choosing a certain model. Some of them have a programming system so that it turns off or on whenever we want, or they can provide a silent mode, in addition to some models that can connect to our home’s WiFi, allowing us to control the stove through a mobile app. .

At this stage, and with all the data that you were able to read, you will be able to buy bake pellet and make sure it’s the right one for your needs and budget.

If you have chosen a specific model of pellet stove, we would like to know which one. For this we have social networks, a place where you can contact us and explain everything you want.

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