Just a day after controversy erupted over his intention to charge verified Twitter accounts $20 a month, Elon Musk retreated. After a crossroads with Stephen King, one of the many users who came up with the idea, the owner of the social network laid out a new plan. The same fee is retained for those who wish to validate their blue tick, but at a lower amount and with additional benefits.

According to the mogul, verification will be available to Twitter Blue subscribers. in exchange for a “moderate” amount of $8 per month. “The current system of lords and peasants on Twitter to see who has the blue tick and who doesn’t. Power to the people!” wrote the richest man in the world, along with the new bid.

But the announcement didn’t stop there. Elon Musk also mentioned that the cost of Twitter Blue will be adjusted for each country according to its purchasing power, which will give subscribers the ability to post “long audios and videos” and also give them priority in replies, mentions and searches. The latter, according to the businessman, is necessary to combat spam and fraud.

On the other hand, those paying $8 a month will see “half ads than the rest”, and they will be able to bypass paid access to publications from publishers cooperating with the social network. “It will also give Twitter a revenue stream to reward content creators,” he added.

Focusing specifically on advertising, then farewell to the hopes of those who hoped that Twitter Blue would someday bring ad-free experience to the platform.

According to Elon Musk, having a verified Twitter account won’t be that expensive.

Elon Musk / Twitter

Just like when he announced his original plan to charge $20 a month, Elon Musk’s new idea has sparked an avalanche of responses. Of course, there is everything between them. From subscribers who approve of the initiative, to content creators who are not too sure that this is a positive proposal.

On the one hand, it is clear that the new owner of the social network is looking for new ways to monetize it. Elon Musk himself admitted that it is impossible to support him only through advertising revenue.. However, there’s another important point to consider: Twitter Blue is still available in a very limited number of countries, and what it offers hasn’t sparked passion so far. It’s safe to say that other than the ability to edit tweets, everything else that a subscription gives is not worth it.

It is not known whether Elon Musk’s idea is still that payment for verified accounts has been put into practice. next November 7th. Let’s not forget that the mogul allegedly threatened to fire Twitter employees if they didn’t get the new feature ready by that date. As for those who are already verified but do not want to pay the monthly fee, they will lose their blue mark 90 days after the new system is implemented.

Currently a tycoon continues to evoke extreme feelings with each new intervention in your social network. Also, as a colorful fact, in the last few hours your profile description has changed from top tweet (Twit boss) Twitter complaints hotline operator (Twitter complaints line operator).

Source: Hiper Textual

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