THE drones enter the scene toobiological agriculture, the plane checks the health of crops. The data is collected and then published in the farm management app. The project is called Biocereals 4.0 and is carried out by the Polytechnic University of Marche and Apra-Var in collaboration with the Montebello cooperative.

The aim is to show the importance of drones in the field of organic farming. Three years of studies to collect data on the valid assistance of drones in the sector and for the creation of new enabling technologies. Constant monitoring of field crops makes it possible to organize timely methods to improve their health. A way to understand how drones and technological innovation can really serve the needs of businesses in the agricultural sector.

A check on the health of the fields also helps to defend against insects And diseases. The data collected by the drones is processed by a specification app to optimize the efficiency of agricultural production. The introduction of the digitization it also saves time and labor. A valid agricultural tool, given the unexpected weather conditions. Drones will also be useful in controlling the storage of organic agricultural products. Aircraft have therefore now become a permanent presence in many work sectors, replacing people almost everywhere!

Source: Lega Nerd

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