Here’s How It Starts To Change Twitter under Elon Musk. The first edict? the coveted one blue tick it will no longer be free: a monthly subscription will have to be paid to keep it.

The check was originally created to verify and distinguish the real accounts of celebrities, companies and members of institutions. A guarantee of authenticity, designed to help users defend themselves against cheaters (and thus against disinformation and fraud campaigns). Almost immediately, the blue check has become a vanity mark: a tool for distinguishing the Twitter that matters from mere mortals.

According to journalist Casey Newton (formerly The Verge, now founder of The Platformer), Twitter executives have begun discussing the possibility of using the blue tick. payment. To have it, it is mandatory to be registered with Twitter Bluethe paid plan launched a year ago.

In addition, the same Twitter Blue could go from just under $5 a month to over $20. Still rumored to be unconfirmed, Elon Musk has given the company’s employees an extremely tight deadline: they have until November 7 to implement the change. to feed.

It’s just the beginning. Elon Musk had immediately explained that he believes Twitter’s value is well below its potential right now. According to the billionaire, Twitter could be worth at least as much as Facebook and TikTok tomorrow. A goal that could eventually become a reality by turning Twitter into a Super App.

Source: Lega Nerd

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