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This breakthrough allows you to send messages using your iPad using only your mind


For decades, many tech companies have been thinking about an advance that would allow people to operate a mobile phone with just their hands. intelligence, something that seems taken from a science fiction film, but it is already possible. And it’s not about the project Elon Musk.

Now we can send mobile messages with just our mind and without the need for a computer, only with the help of the brain and with a little surgery that many will be surprised.

As Semaphore, a former software vendor based in Melbourne, points out, Rodney GorhamAn ALS sufferer used his brain to send a text message via iPad.

For this, the company synchronousbased in New York, has created a device that can be surgically implanted in the brain.


What is Neuralink?

Synchron is the first company to receive US Food and Drug Administration approval to conduct clinical trials of a computer-controlled brain implant.

They currently have six patients using a device called Synchronous switch and notably, Gorham was the first to use it with an Apple product.

We are very happy with iOS and Apple products because they are ubiquitous. And this is the first input of this brain switch to the device“, he points out. Tom Oxleyco-founder and CEO of Synchron.

How does a brain implant work?

In order for us to understand its operation, this device has a series of sensors called Stentrode which are injected into the upper brain through a blood vessel and can be controlled wirelessly using a device placed on the patient’s chest.

If the US Food and Drug Administration finally approves widespread use of this technology, its creators believe that computerized brain implants could become the standard for people with disabilities.

At the moment, this technology is not designed to allow patients to enjoy video games using only their brains or write complex sentences. but yes to give short answers.

What’s really interesting about this project is that they did something innovative and combined it with something standard.“, he points out. Gillian Hayesprofessor of computer science at the University of California, Irvine.

Get ahead of Neuralink

The funny thing is that Synchron was ahead of the competition, as was Elon Musk himself with Neuralink. Idea neurolink is to allow people to control mobile devices such as iPhones with brain implants and even play video games such as Pong.

Synchron implants are designed for permanent use and have so far lasted over a year in at least four patients with no reports of “serious adverse events” related to the device.

Synchron does not place sensors directly in the brain. otherwise, it sufficiently approximates them when administered through the jugular vein.which runs right through the center of the brain where the motor cortex is located.

If this technology becomes popular and reaches all the people who need it, it will be relatively easy to control mobile phone wisely.

Source: Computer Hoy

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