Electric vehicle company Velca wants to take an alternative route. The one that tries to materialize the resources of the MOVES III Plan, but ultimately doesn’t reach you. Or their bikes. Electric motorcycle startup Plan Velca I wants to achieve several goals.

On the one hand, the most obvious: increase sales. On the other hand, demonstrate that effective management of EV assistance will be more successful than management under the current model.

“At Velca, we have always been about active listening, and while not everything is in our hands, we want to do our best to improve the situation. If you want to make a responsible transition, help must come. The entire burden cannot fall on the citizen,” explains Emilio Froian, CEO and co-founder of Velca.

Specifically, Velca wants to materialize 4 million grants to purchase some of its models for sale: electric bikes, mopeds and electric motorcycles. Private assistance, which, they explain, is born from the reduction in the margins of all parts of the production line and sales. “We’re going to use margin to show that if aid works this way, the transition will be faster and more affordable,” says Floyan.

With this plan, dubbed Velca MOVES I, the electric vehicle brand’s goal is to close around 1,200 grants to buy one of its models. Discount of 1100 euros for a motorcycle, 600 euros for a moped and 300 euros for an electric bike.

From today to next November 27when they plan to target the first phase of the project. No paperwork, applicable to Spain and Portugal and no tax implications.

Meanwhile, the company is already working on developing an assistance program that could be expanded over time. Also in replica of the rest of the private companies in the mobility sector, who together manage to overcome the hole in which the national electric mobility has found itself. Of course also in a cue that materializes at the institutional level and which also refers to mopeds, vehicles not included in the concept of the original MOVES Plan.

MOVES Plan Challenges for Electric Vehicles

The Bank of Spain was the last to raise its voice: the MOVES III plan for electric vehicles is going through a difficult time. The sale of electric vehicles in Spain accounts for barely 10% of units purchased, compared to 38.5% for internal combustion models. Some Autonomous Communities didn’t even have changes. In Madrid and Catalonia, it is barely 1%.

And the fact that everyone is against a new subsidy for the purchase of electric vehicles. On the one hand, the offer on the market and the delivery time. In a never-before-seen industrial crisis, the purchase price has risen in recent years. Especially for a market that still has a limited selection at high prices; This is no longer a question of electric chargers – this question has improved significantly in recent years – now the problems are much more fundamental. The economic situation and uncertainty also do not accompany the realities of the automotive market. Inflation, called for in the West without any start date, reduces the purchasing power of many buyers.. The electricity market situation is currently not helping

And if we go to the mundane, then the problem itself lies in setting up the MOVEMENT Plan for electric vehicles. With 400 million to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles until December 2023 with an extension of 800 million euros, many organizations do not hesitate to call this initiative very good, but nevertheless, its management should be reviewed. Spain and France have recorded the best EV purchase data in 2022., better than Italy and Germany, which even saw their numbers drop throughout the course. But for experts, it could be much better.

Access to the EV subsidy goes through a complex process of processing, processing and subsequent taxation at the Treasury. In addition, assistance inconsistent with other subsidies must be provided by purchasers, which in many cases is a compelling reason not to purchase and for which many buyers end up giving up on the process. With 17 different rules that bind different players in the sector.

Source: Hiper Textual

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