lacoste presented a line of cover for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, the Korean manufacturer’s most successful foldable phone. The covers are embellished with the iconic crocodile logo of the French fashion house.

For some time now, Lacoste has embarked on an important process of renewing its identity, with great interest in youth fashion, some influences from streetwear and the world of technology. The Lacoste catalog has long featured several accessories for technology enthusiasts, including some iPhone 14 covers and several Apple Watch bands.

Samsung today announced the launch of four protective cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, made in collaboration with Lacoste. Each is distinguished by an attractive color: Graphite, Blue, Lavender And rose gold. They are made from recycled materials, with a focus on eco-sustainability.

Like other official covers for Galaxy Z Flip4these also have some sort of metal ring that serves the dual purpose of securing the phone to backpacks and belts, as well as improving grip while using the phone.

At the moment, the official Lacoste covers for Galaxy Z Flip4 are available exclusively on the Samsung France store. The price? €44.90.

Source: Lega Nerd

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