The last lunar eclipse of 2022 enchanted astronomy fans at dawn this Tuesday (08). This phenomenon has been observed in various parts of the world; total solar eclipse with super blood moonOccurs when the natural satellite is at its closest point to Earth.

The event, which started at 00:02 (Brasília time), reached its full extent at 2:16 and ended around 05:56. Total eclipses were most visible around the Pacific, favoring observers in East Asia and Australia and the West Americas.

In most of Brazil, only partial satellite coverage was possible to see. Check out some recordings!

Joyful lunar eclipses Occurs when the satellite is on the opposite side of the Sun, when the Earth casts a shadow that can completely or partially obscure the Moon. The phenomenon most recently seen in the year follows the event observed in May and is only expected to occur again in 2025.

While the opportunity isn’t the same for everyone, the entire eclipse has been streamed on some YouTube channels. Look!

In addition to the eclipse, one feature that caught the attention of viewers was the Moon’s red hue, a result of the refraction, filtering, and scattering of light in Earth’s atmosphere during the event.

An image released by the United States space agency NASA shows the eclipse during the Moon’s orbit in the sky.

The photo was taken at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Source: Tec Mundo

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