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The perfect Raspberry Pi TV for watching World Cup matches, it fits in your pocket and has 2 hours of battery life.


You probably remember episodes of The Simpsons or Friends where in situations like funerals or weddings, someone carries a TV. small and a laptop on which he can watch a football game on the weekend. Sport is the passion of millions of people, it is what it is.

These situations were great for a comic joke, but What would you say to us if we told you that with the Raspberry Pi we could make our own mini TV that we could watch anything on? From the Lord of the Rings trilogy to World Cup matches. If you’re interested, take out your wallet.

A Kickstarter project from the company that already brought us the tiny Game Boy, TinyTV 2 is one of the prettiest and smallest video players we’ve ever seen. While it’s true that it doesn’t seem very practical. The screen is not OLED, but it has a very cool old vibe.

One inch TV (like your thumb) and at 216 x 135 pixels, it’s authentic in almost every other way: dials to adjust channels and volume, a working speaker and power button, even an IR receiver for a small remote control.


Show and Tell: TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini!

Other features of the most beautiful miniature TV in the world

It has a lithium battery which two hours of battery life (more than enough to play without overtime), so you can take it with you anywhere and USB-C port used to download and upload content.

All this moves thanks to a miniature Raspberry Pi RP2040 computer.. And note, it emulates the channel switching experience by remembering your timestamp in each of the video files you preload on the included 8GB microSD card, so it might look like you’re changing channels.

And since it’s not small enough, the company also offers TinyTV Mini, which reduces the idea to a volume of just one cubic inch. It has OLED display 0.6-inch display (instead of IPS) with a resolution of only 64 x 64 pixels and one hour of battery life.

Both are available on Kickstarter $50 each, and they come with an app that will downsize your favorite video files to the appropriate resolution (well, it’s so small you don’t care what it looks like). He Television you didn’t know what you wanted.

Source: Computer Hoy

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