Over there Airlines play will add one new route by March 31, 2023 in Stockholm. The route is Keflavik – Stockholm (Arlanda). Play contributed 311 thousand passengers in the third quarter with a forecast of 800,000 passengers this year. In the third quarter, it posted an operating result at an occupancy rate of approximately 85% and approximately 311,000 passengers flown.

In the 2023 there is a prediction of passengers between 1.5 and 1.7 million in 2023. The revenue for the new year it is expected to be between $310 and $330 million. The company is planning one usable operating result (EBIT) positive for the full year. The objective of having a positive operating result for the second half of the current year will not be there. This is due to the difficult external market environment. Overall demand for passengers arriving in Iceland was lower than expected in late summer and autumn. This is due to the state of Icelandic tourism. As a result, there were more connecting passengers than expected, resulting in a lower revenue per unit than passengers destined for Iceland.

Even the additional income were lower than expected due to increased demand. This by hand luggage passengers instead of checked luggage. THE Prices of the fuel have remained high. In short, this was it all negative on the airline’s financial results.

Lately, however, Iceland’s tourist problems are being solved. Here Play sees a growing trend for bookings in Iceland for the winter. In addition, also for next year with a increase of 40% of the passengers for 2023 that they will come to Iceland. Play will strengthen its distribution channels, which will increase ancillary revenue and the online service. Play’s goal is to be less than 4 cents. Because the unit cost was 3.1 cents. Effective cost control and greater business economics will help the goal.

Source: Lega Nerd

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