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This seemingly harmless app contains a Trojan horse that steals your bank details: remove it now


The alarm went off again android. An application has been discovered that masquerades as completely harmless content, but It is actually a Trojan that tries to steal your bank account information. to get all your money later without being able to do anything to avoid it.

The app is called “Todo: Day Manager”. and it is an application that is used to manage what you have to do during the day. Come on, it’s your day planner, and therefore it should be completely harmless in the first place. But, unfortunately, this is not the situation.

The app has already been removed from the Google app store, but this does not prevent you from downloading it earlier through the Play Store and therefore installing it on your computer. mobile phone. If this is the case, we recommend completely eliminating it and even completely restoring the mobile phone.

The danger behind “Todo: Day Manager” is quite large and, in fact, it has a way of working that makes it one of the most dangerous malware to appear in recent weeks.. The name of the Trojan hidden in the application is “Xenomorph”. which is a reference to the movie Alien: The Eighth Passenger.


What is malware?

If you don’t want to lose your money, the best thing you can do is uninstall this app.

Unlike other Trojans, this one only affected Android phones. Its action is complex, although it can be summarized as it patiently waits for you to use the bank app and once you do so, your bank account is at risk.

To get into your bank account what it does is it intercepts the verification messages that are sent when logging into a banking application.. Come on, this is done with the required code to be able to log into this application and once it is reached, it can start making permanent money transfers.

These money transfers can empty your bank account if you can’t stop them in time, and it’s usually difficult. Luckily, Game Store Google has already taken action on this and the app is no longer available for download, but that hasn’t stopped it from accessing multiple users’ phones.

Source: Computer Hoy

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