This week Half announced the laying off 11,000 workers worldwide. In the more than 18 years since its inception, Mark Zuckerberg’s company had never staged a layoff plan of this magnitude. Italy was also not spared the reduction in personnel.

i am 22 i Italian workers of Meta who will be left at home. The news was reported by Wired Italia, which received a letter sent to all employees and signed by the country manager Luke Columbus.

The Italian branch of the company that controls Facebook has communicated the redundancy plan to the Ministry of Labor and the Lombardy region, where it is based. The Territorial Labor Inspectorate and the main trade unions have also been informed.

The Italian branch of Meta – which is still called Facebook Italy srl – had a team of 126 people. With the new layoffs, the company loses about 1/6 of its workforce.

The departments of H&R (and therefore recruitment and selection), communication, product operations, translation, advertising campaign management and contact with SMEs are most affected by the redundancies.
“In Italy, all but nine of these functions have been effectively eliminated in the marketing area,” writes Luca Zorloni on Wired Italia.

“It didn’t go the way I had hoped,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a letter to all employees. “The macroeconomic downturn and increased competition have reduced our sales in a way I did not expect. I made a mistake and I take full responsibility for it.”

In these hours, the company has stated that it cannot determine the exact number of workers laid off in Italy. Meta has confirmed its intention to work closely with the trade unions, including through a phase of collective bargaining, which will be opened in the coming months. It follows – the company suggests – that the number provided to the unions is not yet final, but is limited to representing a potential number of those involved.

Update (10/11/2022, 13:51): The news has been updated with Meta’s position regarding the rumors published by the press during these hours.

Source: Lega Nerd

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