sometimes viral social media post This can lead to the same serious consequences as the lack of medicines. It’s enough for someone to talk about the side effect happy so that thousands of people start buying the drug in question, without thinking that there are patients who need it much more than they do, and without taking into account other side effects. This is what’s been happening lately Ozempicessential medicine for many type 2 diabeticswho is rapidly losing weight as a result of some publications in tik tak.

Shortages have been observed in several countries, albeit for different reasons. For example, in Spain it is a drug. by prescriptionso it can’t be exhausted by your purchase as weight loss. However, it is true that its shares have declined in recent months. This did not pose a danger to diabetics, as they had other manifestations, but appropriate notifications were triggered.

Unfortunately, this causes problems in other countries. According to a recent post FuturismIn the US, a call has been made to the general public to stop buying this drug as a weight loss aid. In addition, the manufacturer of the same NovoNordiskannounced a shortage of some of its presentations.

Viral Diabetic Drug on TikTok

Ozempic should not be confused with insulin, despite the fact that it is a drug prescribed for diabetics. Its active principle semaglutideconnection, which activates insulin productionlevel reduction blood glucose.

It is usually prescribed to patients with type 2 diabetes, in which it gives very good results. The benefits for these people far outweigh the side effects, which can manifest as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, or weight loss. And it was the last viral drug made on TikTok.

Finding a pill that will help us lose weight without the need for exercise or a healthy diet is the dream of many people. To date, there is no one really effective. Also, if it existed, it wouldn’t be a big help since exercise and a healthy diet have many benefits beyond weight loss. However, those who are only obsessed with this benefit are willing to take any medicine. Ozempic entails weight lossbut not tested in patients without diabetesmuch smaller than slimmer.

This means that it is not known whether the benefits will outweigh the risks in this case. But above all, this means that those who must take it are diabetics. In places where the drug can be purchased without a prescription, it can be a lack of very inconvenient for those who really need it.

For this reason, we should never take a drug because someone is advising us on social media. There have already been many problems with the bulk purchase of antibiotics for acne, recommended as cosmetics by uneducated people. It really could be dangerous. The lack of a drug for diabetics is also no small feat. Social networks can have many applications. But for the use of drugs, consult your doctor or pharmacist. If they’ve been talking about it in ads for years, it won’t just happen.

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