There are collaborations between companies that, however promising, do not deliver enough content to be viable in the market. This is something that seems unlikely to happen with what’s been announced in between. sony and honda. It seems that the two Japanese manufacturers do not have much in common, but in fact they do not.

According to known data, the study carried out by both companies aims to offer additional content, especially in Honda electric cars in the future, where autonomous driving is expected to be implemented. And with Sony in the middle, it’s pretty clear among the options considered: playstation game platform So passengers can have fun when they travel. The idea is clearly brilliant and poses a problem for Tesla, where integration with Steam is still expected as promised by Elon Musk.

Some very clear statements

In September, the combined company Sony Honda Mobility was formed, which aims to combine the best of both companies to be as competitive as possible in the electric car segment. And it seems that betting matters. An example of what we’re saying is when the chairman himself, Izumi Kawanishi, stated that the possible implementation of Sony’s PlayStation platform is: technically possible. Therefore, they are more likely to try to get an additional service that will be completely different.

honda electric car


The same executive has made it clear that they will focus significantly on delivering in the cars of the future, especially when it comes to autonomous driving (something that’s unclear for now). fun to the invaders. Thus, in addition to being able to play games in vehicles, opportunities such as watching movies or enjoying online videos will be provided. And so, the company in question was born by merging with Sony—which will force Internet access.

When is the first car from Sony Honda Mobility for

The company itself has stated that it hopes to introduce it to the Japanese and US markets in 2025, so we’re talking about a business in full swing, and as such, it’s still unclear as to what it has to offer. do with Services With the aim of overthrowing Tesla. Of course, all Honda vehicles of this company will be electricalThis is another sign that the market is tight-lipped on this type of energy… while we wait for hydrogen to be an option (if the hazard issues are resolved).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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