Elon Musk Ia shoots big: “Oh, while I’m here: I’m going to the . to buy Manchester UnitedAnd for a moment the Twitter audience falls for it. Obviously, this is a joke related to a slogan that has been widespread on the social network for years. In short, what is called a copy paste in the jargon.

The release was published in support of another post, in which Elon Musk claimed to be a supporter of the left wing of the Republican party and the right wing of the Democratic party. Kind of a bold way of saying he’s a center liberal or something.

Returning to Manchester United, after several ‘sgam’ users had already recognized the joke, it is Musk himself who indicates just hours after the tweet was published that it is in fact a “old slogan ‘ dear Twitter veterans and who actually have no plans to invest in a sports team, let alone Christian Ronaldo’s football club. “But if I had to, it would be the Man U team, I cheered for them when I was a kid,” he added immediately afterwards.

Not that it’s out of his reach: The team’s value must be between €2 and €3 billion. Far less than the 44 billion he risks having to pay if he is forced by the judges to complete the takeover of Twitter.

Source: Lega Nerd

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