Lab-grown meat was approved in the United States for the first time Wednesday. In an unprecedented decision, the regulatory agency Food and Drug Administration (FDA), California startup Upside Foods will soon sell chicken made from real animal cells grown in bioreactorswithout slaughtering animals.

Despite raising billions of dollars in funding for the project, The cultured meat industry still produces on a small scaleand until now it had not been authorized to sell its products to the population. A small amount of cultured meat has been tasted by few guests for now.

How is chicken meat grown in the laboratory?

Cultured meat is not the same as plant-based meat made with soy protein and other plant-based products. Upside Foods’ FDA-approved chicken meat Contains real bird cells and it should be, or should be, completely indistinguishable from the taste of real meat.

The process begins with the extraction and isolation of cells from a real animal. These cell lines are then frozen. Samples of these cell lines are placed in large steel tanks. – bioreactors – and fed a growth medium with the nutrients necessary for cells to divide. When grown and organized into the right tissue type, they can be harvested and used in meat products.

FDA approval doesn’t mean cultured meats will hit supermarket shelves anytime soon. On behalf of Uma Valet, CEO of Upside Foods, industry still “will take five, 10, 15 years to grow”🇧🇷

Source: Tec Mundo

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