Rudeism has managed to make a functioning Xbox controller out of the Fisher Price Game & Learn controller. The New Zealand modder has already shown his creation on Elden Ring and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and plans to complete the first with this controller.

Using the Arduino Pro Micro clone, the inputs are copied to signals from an Xbox controller that continue to play the original sound effects. Due to the design of the toy, some additional components were required, including a functional joystick and some switches to use the shoulder buttons. Thanks to these extra parts, there is no longer room for the battery, the device is charged with a USB cable.

The controls of the self-made controller are not exactly the same as a regular version: since there is only one joystick, the yellow switch at the bottom right is used to switch between the signal of the left or right joystick. This also changes the function of letter keys to use buttons like start, select and guide.

The Fisher Price controller and required parts cost around $20, but a 3D printer was also used to make some attachments to keep everything in place. Soon Rudeism will post a detailed video on YouTube so other users can try this mod for themselves.

Rudeism (Twitter)Anger

Source: Hardware Info

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