According to a study published in the scientific journal Nature Communication🇧🇷 Scientists at the University of California in the USA have discovered the secret of how it is made. to wake up without pain🇧🇷 Research indicates that three main factors are important for waking up in the morning without feeling sluggish or sluggish: quality sleep, exercise and breakfast.

They claim that The recipe for an energetic day is based on doing sports, sleeping well and having a breakfast rich in complex carbohydrates the day before. – without too much sugar. According to scientists, one of the most important points for an awake morning is to keep glucose under control after breakfast.

For two weeks, participants were given different foods for breakfast and their physical activity and sleep were recorded daily – they wore watches to record the quality and quantity of sleep, daily food intake, physical activity, among other points. In total, the study examined behavioral data from 833 people to arrive at the conclusion.

“All of this has a unique, independent effect. If you sleep later or later, you will see an increase in your alertness. If you do more physical activity the day before, you will see an increase. You can see improvements with each of these factors.” “Raphael Vallat, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California and first author of the study, said.

How to wake up without pain?

The research was conducted in partnership with researchers from the UK, the United States, and Sweden, who aimed to examine participants’ metabolic data over the period. The body’s worst responses to increased morning sluggishness were noted in people who ate an excessively sugary breakfast.

By comparison, participants who consumed high amounts of carbohydrates and less protein woke up faster in the morning. They also noticed that sleeping more or going to bed later also increases the body’s alertness when waking up.

While it has been noted that physical exercise improves sleep and mood, it remains unclear whether physical activity is responsible for improving morning alertness.

Source: Tec Mundo

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