women They have been forgotten by scientific research for many years. Descriptions of the symptoms of various diseases were studied in medical books about how they affect men. And even clinical trials they were made without considering the balance between the sexes. For this reason, sometimes side effects drugs in women. Fortunately, all this is changing, and today it is not so noticeable. But if we move on to other types of vertebrates, something similar will happen. For example, in January 2022, a study was published that analyzed for the first time a very complex female dolphin clitoris. The male genitalia were well known, but it never occurred to anyone study of women. Now a similar post has been made, but about snakes.

The male genitalia of these reptiles are well known. it is known that two hemipeneswhich help them be more flexible in group mating. However, very little was known about the women. It was suspected that they might also have two hemiclitor, since this structure has been seen in other reptiles such as monitor lizards and some species of lizards. But it has not been discovered and described so far.

This was first done by a group of scientists from Australian La Trobe Universityin a study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. In it, they analyze the clitoris of nine different species of snakes, although they suspect that all females may have one.

Looking for the clitoris of snakes

While some scientists have suspected that female snakes may have two hemiclitorothers believed that it did not exist, or that, if it were present, it would be a vestigial structure without any function.

It was a suspicion, but they didn’t stop to check. Deciding to give an experimental answer to this question, the authors of this study proceeded to open several specimens located in University of Michigan Zoology Collection. In addition, they analyzed the samples using computed tomography. This allowed them to detect a double structure formed by nerves and erectile tissue. Both qualities are necessary for a functional clitoris, so the idea that this is just a leftover will be discarded.

In fact, just as a very efficient clitoris has been found in dolphins, something similar could have happened in this case. At the moment, they found that some have it in size very large compared to its size. Compared to a human, he would be much larger.

This is just the beginning, because now you will need to study the functionality of this clitoris, as well as how it interferes with the reproduction of snakes. For now, at least, we know that the clitoris of these reptiles exists. And to confirm this, you just had to look. In any case, if some people find it difficult to find one of the women of their kind, it will be even more difficult for them to find one of the snakes.

Source: Hiper Textual

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