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Friday, June 21, 2024
Home Tech Bizum scam that hurts used apps

Bizum scam that hurts used apps


Bizum has become one of the fastest ways to send and receive money, so much so that many users have started using the app and platform for businesses such as selling used items. In recent years, this type of offer has grown among users, and therefore it is now much more common to find scammers..

Typically, scams carried out through Bizum are usually aimed at stealing money quickly and easily; which makes their identification quite easy. But For some time now, the situation has become so professional that it is now almost impossible to distinguish a reliable sale or purchase from an unreliable one..

Main problem this makes users less trusting of used buying and selling platforms like Milanuncios or Wallapop.. In fact, a very curious scam has been developed in recent weeks that affects many users on a general level by causing secondhand platforms to activate alarms.


What is Bizum?

What makes this scam different is that it now focuses on vehicles such as motorcycles or cars. Start as always, the potential buyer shows a general interest in the product and start a dance with the seller, which will only end when you receive the goods without having to pay any amount.

After exchanging numbers, the scammer expresses his interest to such an extent that he is ready to leave a deposit in order to take possession of the car. This particular signal usually costs 400 euros and is sent via Bizum.. It turns out that instead of sending money, the scammer sends a request to receive money.

The person selling the vehicle, oblivious and assuming that everything is going smoothly, accepts this request and, therefore, what the app itself does is take 400 euros from the seller’s account to send them to the buyer. Once this is done, the person interested in the equipment disappears forever, taking the money and leaving the seller 400 euros poorer.

On a general level, this is a fairly common scam, but it always comes back from time to time due to how functional it is and, above all, because it is used in various sectors such as automotive or mobile technology. We hope this has helped you so that you don’t fall for these scams that are done through Bizum..

Source: Computer Hoy

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