which steps Xiaomi gives its electric car to market as soon as possible and in this way it complicates things even more for Tesla, they are increasing in number. Besides everything related to the manufacturing processes being improved, actual tests are already being carried out, including those related to the manufacturing processes. adverse weather conditions.

One of the things that is quite surprising is that, big takeaway everything about this product Company founder Lei Jun. It seems like he’s very focused on getting things to go really well, and Xiaomi’s arrival in the electric car segment is a feat similar to what has been achieved with smartphones. If so, the Asian giant will give a a very important step when it comes to diversification segments where it can benefit – or even more -.

A tough test for the Xiaomi car

Thanks to the images released, the vehicle is known to be put in front of some of the worst weather conditions to exist while driving: presence of abdomen. In this way, the behavior of the car against extreme cold and the possible presence of license plates and slippery floors are determined. With these tests, it is actually discovered whether additional adjustments are required to comply with standard security regulations for the sale of the Xiaomi model.

One of the highlights of the information source is that several models of the Asian company’s EV car took part in the tests with slight differences in terms of design and size. Therefore, the Asian firm can create two variants The vehicle that he prepared and determined to become one of Tesla’s biggest rivals in a short time. Of course, the obvious thing is that both sports sedan rangeIt is the first choice for the vast majority of manufacturers.

Driving in snow Xiaomi electric car


A sensor key in testing

This was placed on the roof of the car and LiDAR type. However, you can learn many details of behavior in the face of snow, and in addition, it may be indicative of more advanced work than expected in terms of autonomous driving. And this is something that will be surprising and will make the market look very different in the Xiaomi electric car that is expected to go on sale. in 2024. Gradually, less and less is left for this to be true.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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