The world’s most expensive MacBook Pro is in Brazil and it’s exorbitant price

Nukeni has released the list of countries with the best and worst prices for the MacBook 2023!

The price of the MacBook 2023 is actually much more expensive in Brazil

Apple, which started this year with a lot of excitement, delighted those who are waiting for the launch of the new MacBook 2023 series. After a short presentation, the details of the powerful devices became clear. Among them are the release date and price.

Unsurprisingly, this last feature is not without controversy in many areas where Apple devices cost far more than most countries. Unfortunately, Brazil ranks first as the country where the world’s most expensive MacBook is sold and second, when it comes to the iPhone.

Brazil has an enviable position

As always, worldwide price comparison is done by the firm. Nukeni. The data was then extracted Check the prices posted on the official Apple site of 37 countries where Apple sells directly. So here are the worst and best places to buy the new MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, taking the entry price as a reference point may vary depending on additional configurations.

Countries with the best-priced MacBooks

  • United States: $1,999.00.
  • Malaysia: $2,039.87.
  • Canada: $2,042.77.
  • Hong Kong: $2,044.40.
  • Taiwan: $2,139.30.

Countries with the most expensive MacBooks

  • Brazil: $4,704.48.
  • Sweden: $2,816.69.
  • Norway: $2,792.96.
  • Denmark: $2,771.61.
  • Poland: $2,769.23.

As the results show, the situation is quite complex for consumers in Brazil who have to pay. up to 50% more than other countries on the list for the same device.

Again, It is almost usual for South American country to occupy this position due to tax fees, currency rate and other reasons. Just last year, it surpassed Turkey as the country with the most expensive iPhone in the world, due to the severe economic crisis that gripped the country.

For now, Apple has confirmed it The new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro will officially arrive on January 24 to first buyers who can reserve computers starting this week.

Source: i Padizate

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