An American startup just decided to put an end to tasteless or tasteless diets: SpoonTEK’s spoon promises more delicious experiences. The device uses a “sensory ion technology” that enhances the taste of food perceived by users through tiny shocks in the taste buds.

The technology works via a battery and several integrated electronic components that include two main electrodes, one under the spoon handle and the other connected to the bowl with the food. The user picks up wet or wet food, such as soup, casseroles, yogurt or ice cream, with his finger on the electrode of the spoon handle, which illuminates the LED light.

When the user brings the spoon to his mouth, he closes an electrical circuit, activating a current that comes out of the spoon, passing through the food and reaching the tongue. According to the product’s designers, this causes a mild electrical stimulation of the taste buds on the tongue. The person does not feel anything. but the taste buds located on the tongue do and the taste increases automatically.

How does SpoonTEK improve the flavor of food?

SpoonTEK is the world’s first commercial home appliance equipped with built-in electronics to enhance food flavor and neutralize aftertaste. To do this, it stimulates the sensations of the taste buds – Processing sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami flavors – and let the senses take control.

So at the end of the transaction it is the brain that determines the final perception of tastes and flavors. This is because, in addition to the tongue and taste buds, the human sense of taste includes other sensory systems, memories of past experiences, in addition to the intensity of hunger at the time of eating.

A warning posted on the manufacturer’s website states to potential buyers that the device is not recommended for users of implanted electrical medical devices (such as pacemakers) or people prone to seizures or those with lip or tongue piercings. Offered for sale on in black, gray or beige color options, The smart spoon retails for US$29 (R$150).

Source: Tec Mundo

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