Now on App Store It allows offering subscription packages in different applications. This feature, announced last Friday (15), could help developers retain or reach more consumers.

fundamentally new It allows a discounted subscription to be offered as long as the consumer subscribes to a different subscription. Thus, for example, it will be possible to offer the Google One package and YouTube Premium at a promotional price.

But, The package does not need to come from a single developer. Thus, services that complement each other but are not developed by the same team will be offered at a more affordable price and new subscribers will be guaranteed for both applications.

The consumer is also No need to rent both services at the same time. The promotional package can be offered retroactively, that is, to existing subscribers of a particular service.

Apple will be responsible for payments

A senior Apple engineering executive stated on LinkedIn that the entire eligibility and payment process will be handled by Apple.

“We take care of all the eligibility checks and business to enable seamless purchases within your own apps, as well as Apple-provided streams for one-step subscription and download,” the executive said.

Although Apple does not specify it in the statement, it is quite possible that the company will still receive a commission for the subscription package. The company generally charges 30% on purchases, but the commission drops to 15% for subscriptions that operate for more than a year.

According to Apple, The vehicle is currently in testing phase and more developers will be added as the months go by. The company promises to provide more information about this feature in January 2024.

Source: Tec Mundo

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