Apple wants to create a charging case for AirPods with touchscreens to control music

The company is developing several designs for future AirPods charging cases.

Design Concept of Touchpad Charging Case for AirPods | Image: MacRumors

Apple plans to design a charging case for AirPods with touchscreen allows users to control music playback and interact with applications associated with the wireless headphones. On the other hand, the company also plans to launch a USB-C-enabled charging case for AirPods Pro.

A new Apple patent received in September 2021 and Published last week in the United States Patent and Trademark Office Titled “Headphone Box Devices, Methods and GUI”, Unidos describes the applications required for the development of a new touch screen charging case.

This will be the charging case for the AirPods of the future

Patent images show us a charging case where AirPods Pro is placed. in front of whom a space is reserved for the implementation of a touch screen.


Patented touchscreen is located on the front of the charging case

According to the patent, “device cases are passive devices typically used to charge audio devices (AirPods)” and “a case’s utility and user control can be enhanced by configuring an interactive user interface.” all operations associated with the wireless headset.

“It needs a headphone charger to control the processes traditionally associated with headphones.”

The patent states that these proceedings of the case may refer to change. audio sources, playback controls and switching output modes. Moreover, the touchscreen of this AirPods charging case can display song titles, albums, artists, apps, charge percentage, etc. It can also display information about the operation of the headphones, such as


Patent drawings show various methods of functionality

The idea of ​​​​creating a touchscreen charging case can be very useful for AirPods users. The patent describes uses such as controlling Apple Music with touch controls. add songs to favorites, control volume and interact with audio playback in a completely new way for the user.

On the other hand, this charging case with touch panel, from MacRumors, allows you to scroll through the contents that appear on the screen and even Activate Siri virtual assistant services.

In another setup, Apple has been planning to launch cheaper AirPods Lite with limited functionality to compete with other low-cost wireless earbuds for some time now.

What do you think of this new Apple patent and this idea of ​​developing a touchscreen case?

Source: i Padizate

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