Virtual reality can be a great ally to help in improving anxietydepression and sensory processing in adults with neurological disorders. The information was discovered during a study published in the journal science by scientists at the University of Western Sydney in Australia. Journal of Nature Scientific Reports.

According to researchers, virtual reality experienceI Smoothness VR Sensory Field It can be a great treatment to reduce different neurological conditions such as autism and intellectual disability. Interactive virtual reality sound and touch experiences helped some adults who participated in the studies.

According to Caroline Mills, one of the research leaders, immersive virtual reality technology could be an innovative addition to organizations treating people with neurological development disabilities. Danielle Tracey, another co-author of the study, says the Evenness VR Sensory Space can be just as effective as staying in the clinic.

Equity VR Sensory Field Capture: Initially, researchers were using virtual reality for psychotherapy, for example helping patients overcome their fear of spiders or heights.

“Our findings showed that VR technology can offer a promising way to provide sensory interventions and an effective means of calming, and the most significant benefit reported by users is reducing anxiety,” Mills said.

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In total, the researchers conducted the study with 31 adult participants with different neurological developmental conditions and evaluated how the Equilibrium Virtual Reality (VR) Sensory Field could serve as a tool for the treatment of these problems. The research was conducted in partnership with the University of Wollongong, technology company Devika, and The Disability Trust.

The Equity Virtual Reality (VR) Sensory Space is an interactive and sensory virtual reality space specifically designed to help people with neurological conditions. Sensory rooms have been around for a long time, but the virtual reality option could be the answer to a more accessible format for all people suffering from the conditions mentioned above.

Source: Tec Mundo

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