Beach or mountain, fun or relaxation… Carnival holiday is one of the most awaited holidays for those who love to travel. If you already have your eye on your suitcase, take a look at the destination suggestions this time.

After years of further restraint due to the pandemic, 2023 promises good travel opportunities with many extended holidays. Carnival is the first of these, and many plan to enjoy the break even though they haven’t planned their destination yet.

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Where to go in Carnival 2023?

Besides being the country that most celebrates Momo’s reign, Brazil has a variety of sights and other attractions for those who prefer to relax. This year Carnival takes place on February 20 and 21, which means you still have time to plan your weekend.

We list some recommendations of places that serve different profiles

  • Salvador BA);
  • Rio de Janeiro – RJ);
  • Recife PE);
  • Olinda (PE);
  • Sao Paulo;
  • Belo Horizonte (MG);
  • Manaus (AM);
  • Florianopolis (SC).

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The best carnivals in Brazil

Opponents took to the streets

Rio, Salvador, Olinda, Recife and São Paulo are some of the most popular destinations for entertainers when it comes to partying. For those who don’t miss the chance to jump on the blocks or want to see the most beautiful samba schools in the world, these cities are perfect and guarantee fun until after Ash Wednesday.

Rio and São Paulo stand out for parades of associations, while also holding parties, concerts and blocks on demand, while the street Carnival is the main attraction in Olinda, Recife and Salvador.

If you are going to one of these destinations by bus, ClickBus couponoffers up to 60% off tickets to many cities in the country. Take the opportunity to learn a little more about the most carnival cities in Brazil below:

  • Salvador: There are several electric trios out there. For those not afraid of the block crowd, it’s a great opportunity to see their favorite singers up close. Cabins offer comfort for those who do not have a spending problem. There, entertainers can have luxuries like free food and drink, massages, make-up, customization of abadás, and even private shows across the triple circuit.
  • Rio de Janeiro: The Marquês de Sapucaí Sambódromo is the main stage of the world’s largest Carnival parade. You can watch the school pass from the stands or the cabin layout with all possible treats. There is no revel in the streets of the Marvelous City. Blocks of all styles parade non-stop for 5 days. Another attraction of Rio is its natural beauty. Beaches and privileged landscapes fascinate tourists from all over the world.
  • Olinda and Recife: Frevo sets the pace in nearby cities. In addition to the friendliness of the people of Pernambuco, its historical and architectural beauties are another attraction. Carnival jumping experience with Olinda’s famous puppets is exciting. Recife has the world’s largest Carnival block: Galo da Madrugada, which has been in existence since 1978.
  • São Paulo: SP has love and carnival. In addition to the traditional and famous samba schools that run through Anhembi Sambódromo, there are more than 400 blocks in the streets ranging from marshmallows to K-Pop and rock versions. No one stands still, and the variety of restaurants, shopping malls, and cultural attractions are also a plus for anyone passing through the city of São Paulo.

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Quiet places to travel during Carnival

Rafting on rivers and waterfalls

Many people do not like the excitement of the carnival, and even if they enjoy the fun, they prefer to take advantage of the break to gather their energy and relax. If that’s the case, we’re separating some options that promise all the peace of mind you want and a little more…

  • Bonito: Located in Mato Grosso do Sul, this paradise is one of the main ecotourism destinations in Brazil. It has waterfalls and rivers with crystal waters. A true Brazilian oasis. The perfect place to be in touch with nature and relax.
  • Chapada dos Veadeiros: Located northeast of Goiás, Chapada is a haven for biodiversity and our ecosystem. You can go for a walk, enjoy incredible views and connect with the surroundings in an inexplicable way.
  • Foz do Iguaçu: By going to this city in Paraná, you can visit the famous waterfalls as well as visit the Parque das Aves. As a bonus, you can extend the trip and get to know Argentina or Uruguay by crossing the border if you wish.
  • Mata de São João (BA): Located in Praia do Forte, 50 minutes from Salvador. The city serves as a rest and rest stop after enjoying the capital. Peace guaranteed.
  • Chapada dos Guimarães (MT): The major difference of this corner of the fauna and flora of Mato Grosso is ecotourism. Located just over an hour from the capital city of Cuiabá, the National Park offers visits to beautiful caves, lakes, and waterfalls.

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No excuses when there are so many alternatives! All you have to do is organize your itinerary, close your bags and Leave to relax or have fun!

Source: Tec Mundo

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