VideoCardz says Intel is coming with new laptop processors this week. The site provided a slide showcasing seven Alder Lake HX CPUs for the Intel VisiON event. Intel Vision will take place on May 10 and 11.

The feature of Alder Lake-HX is that these chips are the same It is possible as desktop chips. As a result, they can contain up to 16 cores, where current Alder Lake laptop models go up to 14 cores (6P + 8E). The i9s and two i7s in the HX category therefore have 8 large P-cores and 8 smaller E-cores.

The base TDP rises to 55 W as previously mentioned leaks† These HX chips are allowed to use a maximum of 157 W; this is significantly more than the 115 W that current Alder Lake-H processors are allowed to handle. It should be clear that these new CPUs are targeting large laptops with large cooling systems.

Alder Lake-HX models bring new features in addition to more cores and higher power consumption. They have 48 pcie lanes, including pcie 5.0 support (16x 5.0 + 20x 4.0 + 12x 3.0). Also, small E-cores can now be overclocked and there is a new ‘Dynamic Memory Boost’.

Remarkably, the HX family also has the required CPUs with vPro support and is therefore geared towards more business applications. These can be recognized by the ’50’ at the end of the numbering. They have the same clock speeds as regular chips, but are somewhat more limited in their CPU overclocking capabilities.

Processor Core/Thread P nuclei E core L3 cache max. frequency. (P cores) GPU TDP (basic) TDP (max increase) vPro + ECC
i9-12950HX 16c/24t 8 8 30MB 5.0GHz 32 EU 55W 157W Yes
i9-12900HX 16c/24t 8 8 30MB 5.0GHz 32 EU 55W 157W new
i7-12850HX 16c/24t 8 8 25MB 4.8GHz 32 EU 55W 157W Yes
i7-12800HX 16c/24t 8 8 25MB 4.8GHz 32 EU 55W 157W new
i7-12650HX 14c/20t 6 8 24MB 4.7GHz 32 EU 55W 157W Yes
i5-12600HX 12c/16t 4 8 18MB 4.6GHz 32 EU 55W 157W new
i5-12450HX 8c/12t 4 4 12MB 4.4GHz 16 EU 55W 157W Yes

Because they’re based on the same chips as Alder Lake desktop processors, the new HX CPUs have fewer GPU cores than the H-series. Max 32 here executive units Against 96 at Alder Lake-H. Since the HX models will be used almost exclusively in systems with discrete GPUs, their importance is limited.

Intel is expected to officially announce these processors tomorrow. It is not yet clear when they will actually be available (i.e. on laptops).

Source: VideoCardz

Source: Hardware Info

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