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Tricks that don’t work to get past drug enforcement on the road, according to DGT


How many times have we heard that if we do this or that, we will not give a positive breath test, despite having drunk several bottles of beer. Whether to take chewing gum, or go in for sports, or drink plenty of water before the trip … Although they assure that there are two that really work.

Everything is written about the controls and how to get through them, and every day we hear something new about it. What can we say that all these practices are absolutely worthless.

And this is exactly what the General Directorate of Road Traffic wanted to remind us through their official Twitter, because The time for off-road trips begins due to good weather, and the accident rate tends to skyrocket.

  • wait 1-2 hours
  • Take coffee beans, energy drinks, lemon
  • Drinking water
  • Exercise or sweat
  • Sleep for a while

These are tricks that, according to the DGT, don’t work if we get behind the wheel of a vehicle. In particular, these are five practices that are widely used by drivers who often do not comply with traffic safety rules.

As always, if you’re driving: nothing driving. Because if you do, you’re much more likely to get into an accident, and because if you get stopped by the Civil Guard, you could end up in jail.


VIDEO: New traffic rules 2022, more fines and more expensive

With new road safety measures, the DGT has tightened up the driving rules that can get us disqualified for as little as two or three infractions. In addition to the increase in fines, which we told you about a few days ago.

If you are going to take a motorcycle or car, we already know that it is safe to drink absolutely nothing, even beer, despite the fact that there is a certain margin of tolerance. Any amount of alcohol or drugs can slow down our reflexes and reaction times, which can lead to accidents and sometimes death.

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