It often happens that when companies do not provide support for some specific software, or perhaps compatibility that would be helpful, users strive to solve the problem. This time let’s talk specifically about Teslaa company that in no way seems ready to CarPlay by Apple be available for their own car, even if a user has succeeded in this interesting and particularly comfortable undertaking.

We’re talking about the developer Michal Gapinskic, who managed to run the Apple system on a Model 3 in the course of 2022. As explained, after 6 months of work, everything is released to users and available for download. To achieve this, a Raspberry PI, an LTE modem, access to Wi-Fi, with everything running on Android firmware, along with an Ethernet cable and a micro HDMI and HDMI cable. Fortunately, a video on YouTube explored the process better.

Once the novelty is installed, you will have the opportunity to use many features of the system, including: Cards and Apple Musicwith the ability to use everything while driving and also take advantage of the buttons on the steering wheel.

The purpose of this alpha was to make everything usableeven if, as now confirmed, the plan – once everyone can discover the novelty – is to make everything simpler and include a greater number of integrations, with the ability to proceed with the installation in just a few minutes.

We don’t know if the company will decide to officially support CarPlay in the future, but this welcome novelty will certainly be useful to many users.

Source: Lega Nerd

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