Advantage e incentives for electric cars to the end? Norway’s government would consider cutting, at least in part, benefits granted to owners of electric cars After successfully executing an important plan to convert the vehicle fleet to electricity, the cabinet now wants to encourage the use of alternative forms of transport.

“It’s great that people use electric cars, but it’s not good at all for people to drive through busy urban centers instead of walking, cycling or using public transport,” said Jon-Ivar Nygård, minister. Norway

The government has not yet disclosed how it plans to cut spending incentives for the purchase of electric cars and no final decision has been made yet. In April, 74.1% of new registrations came from the electric car market. In March, the figure stood at 86.1%. Cars with an internal combustion engine are now a minority.

Today the incentives are extremely generous: no VAT on the purchase of EV, and the purchase tax is 50% lower than that on traditional cars. The government has already abolished the incentives for hybrid cars.

But this rush to buy electric cars, the government notes, would also have resulted in a significant increase in traffic. The possibility of removing EV purchase incentives has already been hotly contested by major auto industry associations.

Source: Lega Nerd

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