In Italy, no company has hired as much as Amazon the past ten years. The online shopping giant is not yet one of the largest employers in our country (the ranking is today mainly dominated by state subsidiaries and banks), but it is on track.

In Italy, Amazon took over with the indefinite acquisition 14,000 workers A figure without the couriers responsible for delivering packages to the customer’s home. In 2019, Amazon had 6,900 employees. They have more than doubled in the past two years. An in-depth study of La Repubblica tells about it, based on a report by The European House – Ambrosetti

Although 2021 was also the year of the first major union grievances promoted by the drivers and workers of the logistics centers, in reality the Italian situation is not comparable to that in the US, where clashes with workers have reached a level of alarming exasperation.

“The American experience cannot be put on the Italian one,” Danilo Morini, trade unionist of the Merci Filt CGIL division, explains to La Repubblica. “The company does not benefit from the wages and the level of” payroll and security disputes it’s very low”.

On this point, the code of conduct Amazon imposes on third-party couriers it works with is even more eloquent: “It is forbidden to use false VAT numbers,” writes Andrea Nepori in La Repubblica. And a minimum of 1,670 euros gross must be paid.

“The uniqueness of Amazon is in its relationship with technology: in the warehouses there are new tasks and innovative roles,” explains the union leader.

The hope? Amazon – Morini continues – could become a model for the rest of the industry and use its privileged position to redefine the terms of the entire industry. “We are now asking the company to take a leading role in contracts: if it wants to, Amazon can play a very important role in redefining national contracts for the entire industry.”

Source: Lega Nerd

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