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Car mobile phone holders and DHT: everything you need to know to avoid fines


A few weeks ago, a new Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety was issued, which applies to all drivers in the country and generally tightens many of the existing rules. The goal is to make roads safer.

This new traffic law has released new rules that are likely to confuse drivers in these early weeks, as the penalties for driving with a cell phone are tougher, for example.

But also for the incorrect use of the seat belt, as a margin of 20 additional km / h for overtaking on ordinary roads is excluded.


VIDEO: New traffic rules 2022, more fines and more expensive

The new Road Traffic Act is silent on where phone poles should be placed so that they can be used hands-free.

And the fact is that its placement on the windshield in itself is not a violation, as it was considered in principle, but can serve as the basis for a sanction if it distracts attention while driving. It will be a free interpretation of road agents.

Article 13.2 of the Road Traffic Act deals with a type of general situation that draw the attention of the driver:

“The driver of a vehicle is obliged to ensure his own freedom of movement, the necessary field of vision and constant attention to driving, which guarantee his own safety, the safety of other persons in the vehicle and other users of the vehicle. through”.

Namely, Placement of a mobile phone in a place that obscures the driver’s field of vision or limits his constant attention on the roadHow is the windshield? may be the basis for a sanction.

This is a situation that the traffic police will have to interpret, as is the case with other sanctions covered by this article, such as driving in a warm coat in winter or flip flops in summer. And the same thing happens when the driver eats while driving.


Violation for holding mobile phones while driving It costs 6 points on your driver’s license, to which is added a €200 fine. Using the phone is no longer a joke.

One of the places that Traffic suggests where to place the mobile phone holder is in the air conditioner grille. Since being below the driver’s field of vision does not interfere with his attention on the road.

Source: Computer Hoy

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