The success of Xiaomi all over the world it is now known to all users following the technology market, as through its devices and the various ideas presented over time the giant has had the opportunity to occupy a large part of the market to say the least world to conquer.

However, as recently explained by analysts at counterpoint researchIt seems that Xiaomi has been beaten in an area where it had an outstanding presence of a particularly fierce industry major, who would have received a boost from the launch of its latest line of flagship jewels.

We are not dealing with Apple as you might imagine, but with Samsungwhich seems to have packed in total 22% of the market thanks to the released S22sthanks to which it even managed to beat Xiaomi and obtain primacy in the country at the moment, even if the situation could change in the future.

We don’t even know what the next precise plans will be from the rival Chinese company, which could apparently have a way to run its series of xiaomi 13 with new models or maybe even launching a new one to increase the success in India as well.

Source: Lega Nerd

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