In that final chapter Last of uswe see how Ellie she must try to survive on her own while Joel recovers from his injury. This leads her to try to hunt the big deer on her own. The scene takes place in the snow; so, as logically, intuitively, it’s cold. But really just look at her red face understand what he went through very low temperatures.

It has happened to all of us at some point due to the cold. We see our face turn red, especially in cheeks, nose and ears. In the case of Ellie, first of all, it is on her cheeks that this color of her skin is most evident.

Now it should be noted that in fact the red face does not appear when we are coldest, but after, when we start to warm up. This can happen when re-entering a hideout, but also outside. For example, if we are exercising or chasing a deer to hunt it, as in Last of us.

Ellie’s skin color motifs Last of us

Our body has several unconscious ways to keep warm when we are exposed to very cold temperatures. One of them, for example, is the action shiver. When we do this, the muscles move quickly and generate heat, which helps keep the body warm.

On the other hand, you must optimize body heat. For this reason, blood flow, which also contributes to warming up, is more directed towards internal organs than on the skin. For this, the most superficial blood vessels are reduced, causing a large pallor.

But, of course, normal blood flow should be restored, and this will happen as soon as the temperature rises again a little. So the skin restores its normal color. However, it gets louder in places with high concentration of blood vesselssuch as cheeks, nose or ears. It is here that we see that distinctive red face that Ellie displays while hunting in the last chapter of the book. Last of us.


Another connection between coldness and a red face

A red face in cold places can also be associated with the appearance of burns on the skin. And they, in turn, can arise for two reasons. Let’s start with the fact that cold does not mean that there is no sun. It’s over In the snow The sun’s rays are easier to reflect on the skin and cause burns, so the use of protection is just as important as on the beach.

On the other hand, the wind that often accompanies the cold can remove natural oils which, to some extent, help protect the skin. This contributes to easier penetration of solar radiation into it and the occurrence of terrible burns. As a result, you can also see a red face, but constantly, without changing as the temperature rises or falls.

Therefore, since Ellie’s skin color is even redder than normal, different throughout the chapter Last of us, the first hypothesis is more expected. He got cold and then warmed up either from chasing the deer, warming up by the fire with David, or returning to the house where he hides Joel while waiting to be treated for his wound. You can also get burned, as sun protection is not a staple during the apocalypse. But we must not forget about another option.

Source: Hiper Textual

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