After more than six years of litigation, Apple has reached a settlement with iPhone 4S users. After upgrading to ‘faster’ iOS 9, the 4S would be so slow that it could no longer be used normally. Apple was sued for this. Customers who feel disadvantaged by the upgrade can now apply to Apple for a 15 euro compensation.

The company has allocated a total of $20 million for compensation. To qualify, the injured parties must submit a form with their iPhone 4S serial number and an accurate statement that upgrading to iOS 9 slows their 4S.

Apple released iOS for the iPhone 5 and 6 series, followed by the 4-year-old iPhone 4S, in September 2015. The upgrade should, among other things, improve the performance of smartphones, but it turns out that this does not apply to everyone with a 4S.

The 29-page document of the proposed compensation can be read on the MacRumors website. Apple will soon put up a web page to claim compensation online.

Source: MacRumors

Source: Hardware Info

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