Apple loses number 1 in the machine learning division. Ian Goodfellow he announced his resignation, citing the company’s policies against him as the reason work smart No teleworking guaranteed for all employees, the Cupertino giant wants employees to return to the office. And that was enough to make one of the 90s escape the company.

Ian Goodfellow is described by Tech Radar as a well-known and respected computer engineer, mainly for his work on artificial neural networks and deep learning A Stanford graduate, he has a background as a Google Brain researcher, and has also co-authored or authored several academic papers used as teaching materials in universities.

Over the past year, Goodfellow had fiercely contested Apple’s decision to make face-to-face work mandatory again. Apple today requires employees to work in the office at least twice a week, which will increase to three from May 23. Many employees ask for the option to work exclusively from home.

A collective of company employees called apple together it’s been asking for months from executives to provide more flexibility. “Your program for the hybrid work it offers no flexibility to workers and is dictated solely by fear,” reads a letter from the collective. “Fear of the future of work, fear of employee autonomy, fear of losing control over them”.

Source: Lega Nerd

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