Images of the upcoming AMD socket SP6 for server systems have surfaced. According to the images, the socket supports 32-core Genoa Zen 4 Epyc server processors and 64-core Bergamo Zen 4c processors. Power consumption will be limited to 225 watts, which is roughly half of the SP5 socket.

Socket SP6 looks the same as socket SP3 for current Milan server processors. Dimensions are the same at 58.5mm x 75.4mm. However, the SP6 has a different arrangement when looking at the contact pins: 4.844 and 6.096 for the SP5.

  • Socket SP3 – LGA 4094 – 58.5 x 75.4 mm
  • Socket SP5 – LGA 6096 – 76.0 x 80.0 mm
  • Socket SP6 – LGA 4844 – 58.5 x 75.4 mm

Socket SP6, SP5 and SP3 processors are not compatible with each other. Therefore, AMD should create two different Epyc Genoa and Turin series for each socket.

Source: Anandtech via @Olrak

Source: Hardware Info

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