Venus It is one of the planets with the most adverse climatic conditions we have ever known: high temperatures, too much pressure and an acidic environment. All this undermines the research the scientists are trying to conduct there.

However, a group of students Bauman Moscow State Technical University developed a prototype robot suitable for exploring conditions on the planet.


The robot will not only explore Venus, but will also be able to travel distances of up to 500 meters around the planet in jumps.

“After analyzing several projects, we decided that the best thing to do is to build an inertial vehicle, that is, a planetary vehicle that moves due to the movement of internal masses. An airtight sphere. There is scientific equipment inside. The sphere is the best way to exist in a high pressure environment. “It can be pushed by a moving internal mass,” said Georgy Scheglov, first vice president of the Aerospace Systems Department. Bauman Moscow State Technical University.


The scientists used a pneumatic actuator with compressed gas to propel the robot. Similar research stations have been sent to Venus before, but these have always been parked on the planet’s surface and this rover can now move in the right direction to explore it.

Lately, NASA And European Space Agency (ESA) announces plans for new missions to explore Venushowever, it is not yet known whether the built robot will be part of these missions.

Source: Tec Mundo

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