SpaceX launched Starship this Thursday morning (20), the largest rocket in history that the company plans to use on future Moon and Mars missions. But, The spacecraft exploded minutes after leaving the base in Boca the United States.

The company, led by Elon Musk, has decided to launch the spacecraft’s first orbital flight today, after delaying its originally scheduled takeoff for Monday (17) due to a problem with a pressure valve in the Super Heavy booster. The rover had no crew.

The experimental flight, which started off smoothly, was accompanied by hundreds of people near the Texian base. Despite, Starship exploded after experiencing some failure, before it reaches orbit, with no comments yet by the company. All the details of the launch, as well as the explosion, can be seen in the video below:

SpaceX has previously said that the powerful rocket’s departure from the launch pad will already be cause for celebration, regardless of the outcome of the flight. Tests are indispensable for the ship, which was created to carry up to 100 people in space missions.

next version

With The explosion of the Starship spacecraft during its first orbital flight attempt, the company is still preparing for the next test with no specific date. Musk said on his Twitter profile that he “learned a lot” from the experiment and suggested a new launch “in a few months”.

It’s worth remembering that SpaceX has been trying to get the rocket into orbit since 2021, but some delays in the project have resulted in several delays. Also required for the flight was authorization from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) only last week.

Starship, chosen by NASA to take astronauts to the Moon in the Artemis 3 mission, is 120 m long and has a payload of hundreds of tons.

Source: Tec Mundo

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