It often happens that large companies like Apple have the option over time, after devices have been released on the market for a while, refurbished versions of items sent by users via returns, which have of course been repaired by the relevant service centers and available for purchase again.

So we’re talking used devices that should probably deliver the same performance as the new ones, with minimal signs of use for each product you buy. The advantage, of course, lies in the presence of a much lower price than the new models, with also the various guarantees that will give you peace of mind in the face of the possibility of problems with refurbished devices.

Apple has decided to take another step forward in this sense and has even announced the start of sales of iPad Air fourth generationat a price of just over 500 euros in the official store, thus making it possible to grab a device without having to pay the amount usually charged. We find several colors available for the device in question, with the link below that will allow you to access the official page to see the different offers of the company.

In any case, the savings currently total around a hundred euros, a figure that is therefore quite interesting and allows many to buy a device at a reduced price, even if it is particularly new. Through the company’s store it is also possible to consult the technical specifications of the model released on the market in September 2020, which in any case is still up to date and allows you to perform many exclusive operations in the world of iPads.

Source: Lega Nerd

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