Space technology company Space Perspective set out to reach a new milestone: perform the first wedding in space. The company aims to push the boundaries of human experience by allowing couples to change their vows in zero gravity, a feat never attempted before.

“There were already people interested in being the first to marry in space, so we’ll see who really becomes the first couple,” said company co-founder Jane Poynter.

The weddings were to be held on Space Perspective’s plane, Neptune. Developed to be the most affordable, sustainable and safe aircraft on the planet. It is carried into space by the SpaceBalloon, powered by renewable hydrogen, without rockets and without the associated carbon footprint.

The idea of ​​getting married in space may seem extravagant, but it has the potential to create an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for something adventurous and extraordinary. Imagine you are changing your wedding rings. floating weightless, surrounded by the vast void of space? A unique experience that many people can dream of.

The company plans to make the experience as smooth and uncomplicated as possible by handling all the logistics necessary for the ceremony. This includes astronaut training, space launch, and in-orbit experience. He also stated couple will be able to spend their honeymoon in spaceadds another level of excitement to the whole event.

While the idea of ​​space marriage may seem new, it highlights the ongoing advances in space technology and the potential for human exploration beyond our planet. also means Increasing commercialization of space as private companies continue to invest in new space ventures.

The possibility of a wedding in space is an exciting and innovative development in the field of space exploration. It highlights the limitless possibilities of the human experience and the potential of new and innovative applications of space technology.

Source: Tec Mundo

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