As recently confirmed, Huawei invented an ingenious system useful to enable users who own one of its devices to get support for the 5G The company is currently unable to manufacture or purchase devices that support this technology due to various fines and restrictions, and when it turns to the competition for System on a Chip for its devices, it always has to deal with the 4G versions of every type of item, eliminating the technological advancements that many dealing with your devices require.

However, we are talking about a new specific body designed specifically for Huawei devices, which should be offered in China at a price of approx. 120 dollars, which makes it quite expensive, but offers the possibility to exploit 5G. There is even mention of an accessory that is not sold by Huawei, but that, as explained on the pages of GizChina will have the opportunity to come and produce by soyalinkwith the option for the company to wash their hands.

With this trick, it seems that Huawei will apparently not face any form of further sanction. In this way, while users will have to pay hefty fees for the addition of their device, they will also be able to get 5G support for their devices, with the instances basically having a dedicated modem and even a slot for virtual SIM cards. the configuration for Huawei phones.

It remains to be seen, of course, whether all this will also be proposed outside of China, as well as what will be the other real costs that users will be able to incur over time to solve the problem that now affects all branded Huawei, perhaps with new devices that will emerge over time.

Source: Lega Nerd

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