It looks like the platform this month of June 2022 hbo max they don’t have a particularly large number of bets. As always, the quality of this one is excellent, so they somewhat make up for the aforementioned. We show you which premieres you will enjoy if you have an account on the service.

There are three innovations you can find in the current catalogue. As we said, not many, but there are long awaited debut For many, this will be more than enough to fulfill and enjoy this month in the best way possible. To be specific, we’re talking about several TV shows and one movie (the latter is the special, as you can see… we’re not saying more).

Everything new coming to HBO Max in June 2022

The first thing to arrive on the platform is a series starring Alicia Vikander. The plot shows an actress who is not particularly happy with what she has achieved in her career (although in principle she is a star). The problem is actually a recent breakup that caused him to see life in a very different way than before. called creation Irma VIPand opens on June 7th.

The name of the show is the same as his new role, which he accepted so far from the USA, and it surprised him. gather in a way that will make you forget the bad moments, but yes, everything will not be rosy. The setting is simple and simply gorgeous.

On June 16, the only new movie to be added to the catalog is added to the HBO Max database. Of course, it’s not exactly a premiere. It belongs to the Warner catalog (it is already part of the platform as we remember) and its title father of the bride. Surely some of you will remember the classic starring two big movie stars throughout its history: Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy – it even had a very successful adaptation with Diane Keaton and Steve Martin.

The new version has a hero latin family Where Andy García has a singing voice and you’ll find the surprise of seeing Gloria Stefan on screen. It’s a pretty white comedy that can keep the whole family having a good time.

Great launch of the platform

Well, it’s none other than its fourth season. western world, one of the great HBO classics. New episodes can be seen on June 27, and everything indicates that the violence will be much bigger in this installment, as the real and the non-real are increasingly confused – even outside of the famous amusement park that can only afford to visit so many things. from money.

The poster of the players is preserved and as always aesthetics and dialogue will take them into account (so you should always be very careful). Adapted from the novel by Michael Crichton a lot of games and we’ll have to see if the gum is stretched too much. The thing is, the legion of fans will definitely not miss a single detail on the living room TV.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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