Apple shuts down iTunes Movie Trailers, one of its most valuable apps

It was one of Apple’s most unknown apps, but had a large number of loyal followers with no matching alternatives.

Apple shuts down iTunes Movie Trailers, one of its most valuable apps
iTunes Movie Trailers app officially stops working

Apple Officially Shut Down iTunes Movie Trailers, one of the most unknown but most useful applications. Just a few weeks ago, the news was confirmed and officially Apple has shut down this popular app. app to follow movie trailers and more. Of course, at least Apple says it will offer users an alternative.

iTunes Movie Trailers puts the latest HD movie previews at your fingertips. Browse trailers, clips and features from Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and indie cinema, view stunning stills in HD, explore a year-round calendar of releases, find nearby showtimes and ticket information directly from your iPad or iPhone forehead.

AND this is alternative Apple TV app. If you launch iTunes Movie Trailers, you’ll see a message stating that you can continue watching trailers of movies found in the previous app from the Apple TV app. At the same time, the iTunes Movie Trailers website has been shut down, and when you go to it now redirects you directly to

The Apple TV app is now the new home for iTunes Movie Trailers.

iTunes Movie Trailers and Apple TV Icons

This is the message that now appears in the iTunes Movie Trailers app

The iTunes Movie Trailers app was first released in 2011, giving users a special way to view trailers for upcoming movies. But it offered much more. The photos, the screening schedule, the schedules of nearby US movie theaters… these weren’t just trailers. But, All this disappeared during the transition to the Apple TV app and we can now see new trailersbut without any type of filter or classification.

To find the trailers right away, at least from Spain, you have to go into the Apple TV app, go to Store > Available for Pre-Orders, if not, you can enter it from this link. In this section you will see one Mosaic with upcoming movies and you can see the trailer in each. Very complex compared to iTunes Movie Trailers.

It is true that the application iTunes Movie Trailers wasn’t one of the most well-known and probably one of the least used But among all the fans that Apple has, there were many who were left without an alternative. It’s only gotten a few updates since its release and its design hasn’t changed in a while, and now we know why.

Source: i Padizate

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