7 Apple TV+ series that will interest you from beginning to end

We are sharing a compilation of thriller, intrigue and action series from Apple TV +.

Apple TV+ a wide catalog of thriller, intrigue and sci-fi series

The main streaming platforms have left us with a plethora of series and movie premieres in September 2023. But sometimes you don’t need to watch new releases to see something interesting on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. Sometimes it is enough to review one of the TV series we have to pleasantly surprise ourselves.

This is the compilation status of the Apple TV + series that we will share below. It has a little bit of everything: action, intrigue, thriller, science fiction… And without spoilers! If you haven’t watched one of these series yet, we strongly recommend that you make the most of the weekend. Go get your popcorn ready because… you’re going to love this!


‘Silo’ is an Apple TV+ series that takes us to distant lands. A post-apocalyptic world where society lives by its own rules in a huge silo underground. It’s no coincidence that ‘Silo’ is one of the most watched broadcast series in the world. It’s a series that grabs your attention from the first minute and many reasons to watch. What a pleasure to see Tim Robbins in action among these, please. Super advice!


A science fiction series inspired by the stories in Isaac Asimov’s literary work Foundation. Its fascinating narrative teleports us to a future. Earth was abandoned and humanity colonized other worlds. A group of people plan to form a foundation to save the Galactic Empire, which is ruled by the Cleones, three clones of different ages of the first emperor. Simply extraordinary.


Describes the first season of the Apple TV+ series ‘Invasion’ The beginning of an extraterrestrial invasion of planet Earth, experienced from different perspectives Worldwide. It has some dramatic connotations that add an emotional edge to the series, and it deals with the existence of alien species with great originality.


‘Severance’ or ‘Separation’ as it is called in Spain, is an Apple TV+ series in which a company hires a team of employees. separate their consciousness between your life and your work. So when they leave work, they don’t remember anything about what they did, and vice versa. Internal plot related to the mysteries hidden in the work keeps the audience’s interest alive in each of the 9 episodes of its first season.

‘To see’

‘Seeing’ is an action series about how all people, except a few, are born blind… It was one of the first series to come to Apple TV + and is currently on air. A true pleasure for all the senses. Dreamy natural landscapes, a well-crafted setting, and booming silences that emphasize the slightest sound to immerse the viewer in the blindness of the characters.

‘To miss’

‘Hijack’ or ‘Midair Kidnapping’ is a thriller series starring popular actor Idris Elba (‘Luther’, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’) and just like its title, the story is based on a plane hijacking incident . A. income full of tension Sam Nelson will use his professional skills as a negotiator to stop the kidnapping.


We finish with ‘Extrapolations’, a dystopian series with a large awareness component that has been translated into ‘A Challenging Future’ in Spain. Sherry Tells many stories about the effects of climate change on the planet They intertwine with each other and travel to different decades. It has great special effects and Absolutely insane cast.: Kit Harington, Meryl Streep, Diane Lane, Forest Whitaker, Tobey Maguire, David Schwimmer and the great Edward Norton.

Source: i Padizate

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