There is no doubt that the player chrome casting In terms of hardware, it has been one of Google’s greatest achievements. In addition, its evolution is excellent, so a North American firm second model on the market so that any user can find exactly what they need. Well, that would be closer to realization than you might think.

According to known data, the manufacturer responsible for Android certificate The FCC agency releases a new “wireless” and “remote-controlled” device. The truth is, these are not very precise data, but there are very few devices that Google currently has that meet both specifications beyond Chromecast. Therefore, it is normal to have one. new version this player.

And what to look for with it? Ok, give me one more option. economic that what is available to compete with accessories released by different Asian manufacturers and that they have become real candy for many users who do not want to spend a lot of money. In other words, if you can’t defeat your enemy… become an ally with him. And all this without losing one of the things that currently sets these players apart: the use of the operating system. google tv.

What would this new Chromecast offer?

Honestly, you won’t miss it remote control controlling everything done with the user interface and the applications to be installed. Additionally, it will maintain that the connection is WiFi Dual Band and will not lack the use of Bluetooth and connectivity. HDMI To connect the device to the TV Looks good, right?

White Google Chromecast Player


But you have to give up some things to get a more affordable price, otherwise it is impossible. One of the differences has to do with image quality, as that’s what Chromecast HD has to offer the most – which might be the name of the accessory. 1080p@60Hz. Enough for everything to look great on the TV, but without taking full advantage of the 4K panels and some subscriptions offered by platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Also, the hardware will be less powerful because the work required won’t be as intense.

What could the price be?

Well, considering that we are talking about a less-featured but very useful model and the current Chromecast costs 69.99 euros, it makes sense that the new model is in Turkey. about 40€. In this way, it could compete perfectly with the cheapest models on the market, as it would stand out with its remote control and, of course, the use of Google TV. Doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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