There is no end to drug trafficking and tentacles. at airport Paris, Charles de Gaulle, midfielder of the national team Martinique, Jean-Manuel NedraThe person carrying 100 kilos of cocaine.

belonging to Nedra, Aiglon du Lamentin, He is in a dungeon waiting for the authorities to decide on the case.

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The actor was arrested with his partner, who was conditionally released by the authorities of that country.

“We have found that one of our players has been arrested for drug trafficking, without knowing the extent of the matter,” the football club said in an official statement.

“Let us be stronger than ever in the goal of continuing our educational work through sport to combat this type of plague and to protect and warn young people against the risks, consequences and abuses of this environment.”

Martinican media points out that Nedra has been in the national team for 10 years and that her husband went to France for personal reasons.

Born on March 11, 1993, the 29-year-old player made his debut for Martinique in 2012. Martinique Gold Cup in 2017.

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Source: Exame

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